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Patenting in Kazakhstan

It is possible to establish a regime of protection of intellectual and industrial property at the national and international level. There are two options for obtaining a patent in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan - within the framework of patenting through the Eurasian Patent Office, or through the national patent office. In each of these options, the specialists of the Prof-Patent Patent Office will provide assistance.

Peculiarities of patenting of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Like any other state, Kazakhstan has its own patent system, which is headed by the National Institute of Intellectual Property (NIIS RGP). In addition, Kazakhstan is a member of the Eurasian Patent Organization, which allows patent applicants to apply through the national office.

Let us highlight the key features that characterize patenting in the Republic of Kazakhstan:

The Eurasian patent will apply not only to the territory of Kazakhstan, but also to the states specified in the application.

For citizens and enterprises under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, it is possible to obtain a patent through the national service of Rospatent. For this purpose, an application at the national level is filed, and after its registration, documents for a Eurasian patent can be submitted. The advantage of this filing option is obvious - in addition to saving time and money, all documents will be executed by a specialist of the patent bureau on the territory of Russia.

What is included in the application

In order to obtain a patent, it is necessary to submit an application to the RGP NIIS. You can do it yourself or through a patent attorney. The application can be filed by the author of the invention, the employer or their legal successor. The application includes:

In order to obtain a patent, it is necessary to submit an application to the RGP NIIS. You can do it yourself or through a patent attorney. The application can be filed by the author of the invention, the employer or their legal successor. The application includes:

The application can be submitted in Kazakh or Russian. For documents in other languages, you will need to certify the translation through a notary's office (this can be done after the application is submitted).

It is possible to apply for Eurasian patent in Russian language. The requirements to the composition of the application documentation will be the same as for the national patent. The set of documents shall be submitted to the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (Rospatent) or to the Eurasian Patent Office.

The total duration of obtaining a patent will be from 3 to 5 years, but from the moment of registration of the application the priority of rights arises.

Stages of patenting

Even before filing the application, it is necessary to conduct a search through the register of objects of the Republic of Kazakhstan - this can be done through the patent bureau. In the course of the search, the existence of registered rights to similar technical solutions will be established. If the search confirms the novelty and uniqueness of the invention, the following stages of patenting are to be completed:

As part of the formal examination, the correctness of the classification of the subject matter according to the international patent classification is also checked. In a substantive examination, the correctness of the claims and conditions of patentability are checked.

When submitting an application to the RGP NIIS you need to pay the state duty. For example, the cost of filing an application for registration of a patent for invention is 6096.16 tenge (for citizens) and 20320. 16 (for legal entities), for substantive examination - 20 088, 32 tenge + 16055,20 tenge for each additional claim over one (for individuals) and 66 959,20 tenge + 53 519,20 tenge for each independent claim over one (for legal entities), for granting a patent - 9 975,84 tenge (for individuals) and 33 253,92 tenge (for legal entities). Preferential rates of duty are provided for small businesses. When applying for a Eurasian patent, a single state duty is payable.

Our services in Russia and abroad

Due to the particular complexity of the patenting procedure and the special requirements for the execution of documents, the independent filing of an application is fraught with adverse consequences - the search through the register will drag on for months, at the stage of examination there will inevitably be claims to the description of the object. As a result, after a long procedure of preparation and consideration of the application, it is possible to get a refusal.

Specialists of the Prof-Patent Patent Bureau will help you to comply with all requirements of legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international treaties in the patenting system. The services include:

Specialists of our office will help to solve the problem of any complexity in the field of patenting. A great experience of professional activity and impeccable reputation of patent attorneys guarantee fast and correct execution of all documents. To learn more about cooperation with our Prof-Patent office ® , call the phone numbers listed on the site, or fill out the feedback form.

Certified attorneys
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by the Patent Office for inventions, utility models or industrial designs.
Not only registration, but also legal protection of your legitimate interests by our lawyers.
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than usual due to the rapid processing and the number of applications filed, as well as the experience and qualifications of patent attorneys.

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Transneft Oil Pipeline Company
We have high internal standards of work and requirements for contractors. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of work of this organization. They are very scrupulous in their work.
Sunny Circle grocery supermarket chain
Already at the stage of the free trademark blitz they showed themselves to be worthy, everything is clear and competent. It's a pleasure to work with professionals. We were satisfied with the result.
Producer of dairy products "White Bear"
"The specialists at Prof-Patent are highly competent and professional. They are able to solve even the most complicated problem."
Producers of soft drinks and mineral water "Akvadar"
We have been working with Prof-Patent for more than 10 years. Our cooperation totals dozens of projects. "Prof-Patent provides competent legal support at the highest level.
"Pinta" chain of sports bars
"We applied to Prof-Patent for trademark registration in Rospatent. Prof-patent" specialists treated our question extremely carefully and with great dedication. We hope for further fruitful cooperation".
Head of Marketing N.V. Safronova
"The employees of Prof-Patent consider each issue thoroughly and in the shortest possible time. We advise all companies to apply to Prof-Patent for protection of their intellectual rights".
The quality of the guys' work is top-notch. Registration of the TOR went without any problems. They prepared everything quickly and professionally. The work is done on excellent.
We turned to patent attorneys for brand registration. The firm's team was great, they explained the important nuances and helped us avoid a few pitfalls. We were positively impressed after the cooperation. We were attracted by the guarantee of the result under the contract for a refund, they are responsible for their work with their heads.
Construction Concern "VANT"
Prof-Patent specialists prepared all the necessary documents very quickly, and the whole process of registering the TOR went off without a hitch. We have only positive emotions from cooperation with Prof-Patent.
Kvas "Starominskiy"
Trademark registration took place in a very short time, and possible errors would have caused significant problems. But the company "Prof-Patent" completed its work just flawlessly!
All-Russian Film Festival «Bridge_of_Arts»
Horizon radar factory
By the nature of our business we often deal with patenting. "Prof-Patent" is a pleasant example in our practice, when the company solved all our issues on patent registration in the shortest possible time without any problems. We have known the company for decades and have registered several patents through it.
Elis clothing and shoe stores
The firm's staff did an excellent job on the trademark registration project. They are able to offer a non-standard solution to the problem. It was convenient that during the cooperation we communicated directly with the patent specialist, not through the manager. I liked working with them. I recommend them.
Pharmacy Chain "South pharmacy"
I haven't lost sight of these guys for a long time. It's hard to find an organization that does its job without complaints! They easily resolved the issues with Rospatent regarding the trademark intersection of the word "South" with other companies. Current questions are answered on the day of application.
A very serious and responsible approach to business. "Prof-patent" saved our nerves and time. I express my sincere gratitude to all the employees of the company for their true professionalism. These guys are perfectionists in a good way!
Based on previous experience with other companies, I was convinced that the deadline for registration of trademarks is delayed, but I was pleasantly surprised when these guys did everything in time, as stated. I would gladly recommend them to my partners.
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