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Protecting Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Courts, FAS and FCS

Technology moves fast, and so must the law

The fundamental rules and principles of all intellectual property law are codified in Part IV of the Civil code of the Russian Federation which came into force in 2008. Namely, trademarks, service marks, patents (industrial designs, inventions and utility model patents), the appellation of origin and geographical designations, databases, topologies of integrated circuits and computer software.

Protection of these rights is achieved via registration with the Russian intellectual property office, known informally as Rospatent.

The internet is the final frontier of IP protection

The ‘concept notes’ of the new improved code stated that technological progress “as well as increasing capacities of information and telecommunication networks necessitate continuous improvement of legislation on intellectual property rights.”

It further states the intention that Russian civil legislation shall be suitable to deal with the “contemporary level of technological development and encourage the development and broad application of new technologies as well as secure the protection of interests of right holders.”

What do you need to consider regarding your Intellectual Property?

Prof-patent law firm has a wealth of experience with all aspects of IP law. It is our firm desire to utilise that expertise in order to ensure your property is protected and your rights dispensed exactly as you wish. Whether it be tasks such as registration of utility models and preliminary IP searches or more complex issues such instigating legal action to prevent potential and actual infringement and seeking redress for these losses in court.

Infringement of IP is subject to strict liability and entitles rights holders to compensation, damages, and potential destruction of goods and equipment as remedies. It is also covered by the criminal code and prosecution is possible in instances of severe damage. We can make sure that you are on the right side of the law.

Russia welcomes businesses from around the world

The changes to the civil code ensured substantial modernization in order to comply with international standards. We welcome these necessary improvements, as Russia welcomes increasing international trade and foreign investment. We work across not only the Russian Federation and CIS, but the world at large and these improvements build confidence in Russia.

We are constantly sharing our experiences with international colleagues. This experience is valuable when dealing with international filings and registrations. We have great experience working with EAPO, PCT (patent cooperation treaty), the Madrid agreement and subsequent protocol; the Berne convention regarding copyright, TRIPS (as the signatory of WTO), and many others regarding enforcement of IP rights.

Do you need advice on trading in Russia?

In line with the desire for international cooperation, the Russian Federation makes no differentiation between native and foreign applicants regarding registration requirements save that foreigners must use certified Russian agents. We pride ourselves on acting on behalf of Russians who seek protection at home and abroad and foreign nationals seeking to protect their IP in Russia.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have intentions to start trading in Russia so that we can discuss all aspects of your commercial enterprise.

We have a wealth of experienced professionals with expert knowledge of the local requirements.

Don’t let others exploit your intellectual property

The Russian Federation is making large strides to ensure that creative and inventive individuals and businesses are protected in what they do. We will always be supportive of the legal framework established and to use it to its best abilities to protect your intellectual property and the rights and revenues you seek to gain.

However, in such a constantly shifting world, issues such as piracy and counterfeiting remain high profile areas for concern. It is for this reason that you should seek to engage professional patent and trademark attorneys early on, so you know what aspects of your intellectual property protection your business needs to address.

Services of IP office in Russia:

  • Protection for the IP rights of our clients before the administrative and judicial authorities of Russian Federation, including the Court of intellectual property rights, the Arbitration Court, the courts of general jurisdiction, FAS , FCS , DAEC etc., including the cases of infringement of rights or illegal use of IP and unfair competition.
  • Advising on the proper use of the existing Russian and international legislation in the field of IP protection.