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Industrial Designs in Russia

There are many circumstances where claiming legal ownership of your intellectual property is essential – registering for a design patent effectively secures your work as your legal own. This means that you’ll be protected by law against any competitors hoping to copy or re-use your product or design – and as the law regarding intellectual property can vary from country to country, it makes sense to apply for a design patent with a firm offering you specific support in your nation – or for when you travel. Zhuravlev & Partners are experienced patent attorney experts with almost 50 years in helping businesses secure legal, secure patents in Russia, the CIS, and elsewhere in the world.

Industrial Patent Registration

Applying for an industrial design patent in Russia – or if you are doing so as a Russian or CIS national living abroad – can be difficult. Copyright infringement, legislature and red tape that you need to navigate to ensure that your rights are protected can all be tricky to navigate on your own. Our experts can therefore be on hand to help ensure that your product or design is legally secured for your use alone.

Russian design patent law is our speciality – we understand that patents can often make or break a business’ survival. Some firms and individuals seek help from the patent office to ensure that their products are kept exclusive – while others do so to be able to licence out their own designs and services. Whether to protect or to generate revenue, Zhuravlev & Partners will provide you with lawyer support throughout your case to ensure your intellectual property remains your own.

Filing a Patent Application

There are a number of areas you will need to cover in your design patent application in the Russian Federation and elsewhere – if you are claiming patent for a design, you will need to prove that your product or work is original and novel. Novel in this circumstance means that your design is an ‘absolute novelty’ – that no other design of its kind has been made available prior to your application. An industrial design patent will protect you for up to 15 years – but this can be extended for a further 10.

Industrial design patent registration requires plenty of preparation - you will need to arrange paperwork and written descriptions of your design ready for a two-stage examination process – during which time the patent office will be able to make an informed decision on your case. Having helped to file and register over 500 unique patents on behalf of our clients, Zhuravlev & Partners have valuable experience with the Russian patent office and international bodies – all to ensure that intellectual property receives the protection it deserves.


An industrial design is defined as a new and original solution to the appearance of a product, which is used both in manufacturing and in industry in general. Registration of an industrial design in Moscow can be obtained even though these objects do not have an inventive step. The owner acquires the ability to use, dispose of and protect the object. Let us consider how to obtain a patent for the above-mentioned intellectual property and the peculiarities of protecting the rights of the patentee.

Making an application for registration

The establishment of the protection regime for an industrial design takes place through registration with the Rospatent Service and the granting of a patent. For this purpose, the author or other legal owner must submit a set of application documents to FIPS. The application for granting is prepared according to the regulations stipulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development No 695 as of 30.09.2015.

Let's highlight the main points to be considered in the preparation of application documents:


At the search stage, it is necessary to check whether there have been previous registration procedures or applications for similar objects of intellectual property rights. This procedure on your own may take several months, and the application to the patent office can significantly shorten this period. If the search results show no matches, you can proceed with the drafting of the application.

The following documents must be included in the application:

Submissions are allowed in writing or electronically, and registration of the application allows priority to be established to protect the rights of the author or owner of the object.

The applicant will have to take into account the restrictions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, which will not allow the design to be patented:

If these circumstances are revealed, the consideration of the documents will result in a refusal of registration.

When considering a patent, the application documentation for an industrial design will be checked for state secrets, if a solution is submitted for a copy referred to the protected objects and rights. Such documentation will require a license from the FSB or other body authorized to work with state secrets.

Design registration

After sending the application to FIPS, the following set of actions are carried out:


Cost of a design patent

The registration of a patent is a paid procedure. The applicant must pay 297.50 Rubles for application registration and formal examination, and 122.50 Rubles for each following design. The fee for substantive examination will make up 525 rubles, and 350 rubles for each subsequent design. Registration of rights for design patenting will cost the applicant 525 roubles and another 1050 roubles for granting a patent. The fees are for an individual and include a 30% discount for electronic filing fees, the fees for legal entities are higher.

Уже после регистрации, правообладателю исключительных прав предстоит ежегодно уплачивать стоимость за поддержание патента в силе. Указанные платежи начинаются с третьего года владения правами. За третий и четвертый годы предстоит оплатить по 850 рублей пошлины, за пятый и шестой годы – по 1250 руб., и т.д. Срок действия патентных прав на промышленные образцы составляет 5 лет и может быть неоднократно продлен еще на 5 лет, но не более 25 лет, а нарушение сроков внесения ежегодного платежа повлечет аннулирование режима правовой защиты. При последующей оплате пошлины и подаче соответствующего ходатайства действие патента может быть восстановлено.

Чтобы провести регистрацию на международном уровне и получить охранное свидетельство, заявить о проекте можно также через ФИПС. При регистрации заявки будет установлен приоритет в отношении стран, для которых испрашивается правовая защита. Патентование будет проводиться с учетом международных договоров и законодательных актов стран, которые выбрал заявитель.

Our Services
Conducting a patent search 20 000 RUB.
Writing a description and an abstract 20 000 RUB.
Document processing and registration of the application 12 000 RUB.
Fee for registration of the application for a Russian Federation design patent and decision on the results of formal examination of the application* 297.50 RUB.
Fee for the examination of the application for an industrial design and making a decision on its results* 525 RUB.
Supporting the application during the examination stage and sending responses to any requests and notices from the patent office 15 000 RUB.
Fee for the registration of a design and the granting of a patent* 1 575 RUB.
TOTAL for the work on the patenting of the design 67 000 RUB.
TOTAL for work and state fees 69 397.50 RUB.

* Paid in 5-7 days based on the results of the search
** Payable in approximately 6-12 months after a positive decision on registration
*** Fees include a 30% discount for the executor


Fees are for legal entities; fees are lower for individuals.
For registration the data of the applicant and the authors are required. From the applicant - details. From the applicant - number of SNILS, passport data, residence address with zip code. Authors - full name and address of registration.
Discount on fees for individuals is valid in case of one author and applicant. In case of co-authorship the fee is without discount. For pensioners and some other categories of citizens the discount is increased.
Combat veterans do not pay the fee.
Duty exemptions do not apply to the patent issuance fee.
Data on the applicant and the authors are required for registration. From the applicant legal entity or individual entrepreneur - details. From the applicant - number of SNILS, passport data, including residence address with zip code. From authors - full name, passport data, including residence address with zip code.
The work requires information on the object: statics (what it consists of), dynamics (how it works), desirable drawing with individual signed elements mentioned in the description.



Infringement of exclusive rights to an industrial design

Once a design patent is registered and issued, a set of exclusive rights arises:

  • Правообладатель может самостоятельно пользоваться разработкой, если будет своевременно поддерживать патент в силе;
  • The transfer of exclusive rights on a permanent or temporary basis is allowed - contracts of alienation or license agreements are drawn up for this purpose;
  • The owner of exclusive rights acquires a full range of protections, including for the unlawful use of someone else's intellectual property.

Violations can be related to unauthorized use of an industrial design, the release of products without the permission of the right holder, an attempt to challenge the authorship, etc.

To protect the patentee, the law provides for the following measures:

Judicial protection in Russia is provided through the arbitration court, or in the Court of Intellectual Rights. Protection of interests in court is allowed through a representative, who may be a patent attorney. It is this option of representation that will make it possible to obtain the maximum possible payment from the infringer.

Compensation is recovered in a fixed amount, which will be determined by the court taking into account the nature of the violation. When claiming damages, the applicant must justify their amount - for example, based on the value of the products sold by the infringer. As a result of the trial, all counterfeit products are subject to seizure from the infringer and subsequent destruction.

Patent services in Russia and abroad

At all stages of registration of a design patent, as well as their protection against unauthorized use, a full range of services will be provided by patent attorneys.

If you take advantage of the Prof-Patent Patent Office, the following types of services will be provided:

Regardless of the complexity of the situation, a patent attorney will choose the best option for protection, establishment of priority of the application, elimination of possible claims during examinations. To find out more about the terms of cooperation with Prof-Patent specialists, please call by phone listed on the website or fill out the feedback form.

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Certified attorneys
Qualification verified and confirmed by Rospatent attestation. Eurasian and Russian Patent Attorney Certificates
Not a single
by the Patent Office for inventions, utility models or industrial designs.
Not only registration, but also legal protection of your legitimate interests by our lawyers.
The price is 15%
than usual due to the rapid processing and the number of applications filed, as well as the experience and qualifications of patent attorneys.

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Transneft Oil Pipeline Company
We have high internal standards of work and requirements for contractors. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of work of this organization. They are very scrupulous in their work.
Specialists of "Prof-Patent" helped us to deal firmly with the registration of our trademark. We were satisfied with the cooperation with this company!
A high level of professionalism was demonstrated even at the stage of free verification of our trademark. The experience only got better and better. Everything was done in the shortest possible time.
Фитонцидная вытяжка
We turned to Prof-Patent to register a trademark with Rospatent. The specialists of the company treated our issue very seriously and attentively. We look forward to further fruitful cooperation.
It was required to register a trademark as soon as possible. We decided to contact Prof-Patent and did not regret it. The work was completed on time and we received our registration certificate. If such services are needed again, we already know who to contact.
Many thanks to the specialists from "Prof-Patent" for their professional attitude to their work. Cooperation with the company was at the highest level. Initially, they consulted on all aspects of the work, and in the process promptly answered all questions. We are glad that we turned here.
НОЦ ВКО "Алмаз-Антей"
We would like to express our gratitude to the specialists from the Prof-Patent company. Our task was completed extremely quickly and professionally. It is rare to find such a level of responsibility and dedication.
Very serious and responsible approach to business. "Prof-Patent" saved our nerves and time. We are extremely grateful to all employees of the company for their true professionalism. These guys are definitely perfectionists in the best sense of the word!
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