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Patent registration in the Russian Federation: Inventions and Utility Models

Our patent services in Russia:

  • analyzing the design and technology research or research and development in order to reveal the technical invention-like solutions;
  • conducting the preliminary assessment of the possibility of providing legal protection, for the inventive solution;
  • preparing and filing the documents for a patent application, as well as drafting description and claims;
  • representing of our clients at all stages of the examination of the invention, as well as in case of challenging or infringing of IP rights;
  • maintenance of patents for inventions;
  • preparing and filing documents for nationalization of the PCT applications (foreign patenting inventions).

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Documents requiered for patent registration

Requiered documents for patent registration

The Patent application process in Russia

Patent application process in Russia

Application fee for a utility model / invention starts from 22000 rubles.

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