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Industrial Design registration in Russia

Industrial design - (Art. 1352 Civil Code) art and design of an article of industrial or handicraft production, determining its appearance. Industrial design in its essential features has to meet the requirements of originality and novelty, only then it will be granted the legal protection. Ergonomic and aesthetic features of appearance of a product from the essential features of the industrial design, they are in particular: the texture and material texture, colour combination, shape, form and pattern, etc.

Our patent services in Russia:

  • analyzing art-design and design-engineering solutions in order to identify products made at the level of industrial design;
  • conducting the preliminary assessment of the possibility of patenting (granting legal protection ) the products declared as industrial designs;
  • drafting the description of the industrial design, as well as preparing the other documents for filing;
  • representing our clients at all stages of industrial design expertise, as well as in the cases of infringement of industrial design;
  • maintenance of patents for industrial designs.

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Document Required for Industrial Design registration

Required documents for Industrial design registration

The Industrial Design application process in Russia

Industrial design registration process in Russia

Application fee for an industrial design starts from 22000 rubles.

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